How we work

We are responsible for planning and buying NHS healthcare services to meet local people's needs

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NHS Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the statutory health body responsible for the planning and buying of local NHS care and services to meet the needs of our local community.

It is made up from a partnership of 43 GP practices, and together we are responsible for a local population of around 281,500 people.

We work to deliver high quality care, using the most appropriate methods and cost effective resources, to improve healthcare provision for local people and reduce disparities in health and social care. By using effective clinical decision-making we can make a real impact on the health, wellbeing and life expectancy of our patients.

What are clinical commissioning groups?

Clinical commissioning groups are made up of doctors, nurses and other health professionals, supported by experienced health service managers. Local GP practices work alongside specialist healthcare professionals, combining expertise and experience to improve healthcare services and benefit the people of Sunderland.

What does this mean for you as a patient?

As the clinical commissioning groups are led by local GPs, we are well placed to understand our patients’ needs, develop responsive health services, make sure that patient care is always at the heart of our decision-making, and ensure we continue to provide best practice and evidence-based medicine.

How we work

At Sunderland CCG we focus strongly on the needs of our patients – it’s one of our core values. This ties in with the Government’s objective for patient care: “There will be no decision about me, without me”.

valuesWe believe this ethos should be carried through all aspects of healthcare, determining how we plan and commission healthcare and health services. We are conscious to always involve our patients in their care and in health service decisions that will affect them.

We are always looking for ways to widen our community engagement and participation. Through a wide range of activities including surveys, focus groups, formal consultations and events we will make sure our communities are aware of and consulted in any decision-making, allowing us to act on healthcare priorities from a local perspective.

As well as involving patients, the local community and voluntary sector in healthcare decisions, we also work very closely with Sunderland City Council, Health and Wellbeing Board and Healthwatch.