How we spend our money

We have been allocated a budget of £525.4m for 2019/20. The table below outlines how we will spend this money in order to improve health services for the people of Sunderland:

  • Acute Commissioning (including Ambulance Services) – £254m
  • Community Services – £36.6m
  • Delegated GP Services – £43m
  • Mental Health Commissioning – £65.9m
  • Primary Care Commissioning, Other Commissioning and Contingency – £37.2m
  • Packages – £31.6m
  • Prescribing – £51.2m
  • Running Costs – £5.9m

Copies of the Over £25000 Report are available in excel/csv format, if you require a copy in either of these formats please email

Payments over £25k