Our vision and values

Our vision is to achieve Better Health for Sunderland.We aim to improve the health and wellbeing of local people so they live longer with a better quality of life.

These are our seven core values:



Our objectives

In order to achieve our vision, we have three key strategic objectives:

  • Transforming out of hospital care (through joining up health and social care and enable seven day working)

The All Together Better Alliance programme is working on transforming out of hospital care. You can find out more on the All Together Better website.

  • Transforming in-hospital care, specifically urgent and emergency care (and enabling seven day working)

The Path to Excellence programme is a five-year transformation programme of in-hospital health care in South Tyneside and Sunderland. You can find out more on the Path to Excellence website.

  • Enabling self-care and sustainability to ensure the NHS can survive and thrive in the future

The Sunderland urgent care consultation concluded with the decision to have an urgent treatment centre located at Pallion Health Centre, with five Sunderland Extended Access Services located throughout the city. You can find out more about the Sunderland urgent care consultation in our Get Involved section.

We aim to meet these objectives by having a whole system approach, working closely with citizens, patients, carers, providers and partners to utilise evidence based service improvement techniques to maximise ‘value adding’ activities. We have adopted the evidence based North East Transformation System (NETS) as our reform methodology and will adopt other complementary approaches as needed.


Our health challenges

We are passionate about improving health and health services for the people of Sunderland and to achieve this we will work with patients, carers, service providers, partners and our stakeholders.

To respond to our health challenges, a joint assessment of local needs with Sunderland City Council recommended that those commissioning services in Sunderland prioritise the following:

  • Improve mental health and mental wellness
  • Raise the expectation of being healthy for all individuals, families and communities and promote health seeking behaviours
  • Reduce unemployment
  • Address the impact of tobacco leading to reduced overall smoking prevalence (all ages) and numbers of young people starting to smoke
  • Reduce overall alcohol consumption and increase treatment services for those with problem drinking
  • Increase active living
  • Commission excellent services for cancer
  • Commission excellent services for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Commission excellent services for cardiovascular disease including diabetes
  • Support people to live independently and increase levels of self-care

To address these priorities we work closely with the local community and engage with a wide range of local partners to ensure the very best health and social care for our patients.

We work collaboratively with Sunderland City Council and other partners as part of the Health and Wellbeing Board agenda and have developed relationships with Healthwatch Sunderland to ensure we take into account the views of people who use health and social care services. We regularly engage with the community and voluntary sector as they provide an important voice for patients, and invaluable insight into the health challenges faced by local people.

We use all of our clinical and managerial expertise, knowledge of our patients, our relationships with other NHS organisations, our local authority, local hospitals and other partners to follow best practice and use evidence-based medicine to commission health services that will ensure we delivery our vision of Better Health for Sunderland.