Our policies

We have a range of policies to set out the way our organisation is run

Sunderland CCG aims to provide high standards of behaviour and competence, ensuring that patients, staff and stakeholders are all treated safely and fairly.

Our policies are available here.

Corporate policies

We will follow the guidelines set in our corporate policies.

Information governance

We are diligent about protecting our data, understanding the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of personal and corporate information. We have developed the following Information Governance policies, providing a framework to bring together all the legal rules, guidance and best practice that apply to information handling.

Human resources

There a number of Human Resources policies which apply to our employees in the Sunderland CCG. The policies are for the benefit of our staff, providing advice and guidance and outlining the procedures involved with delivering our services.

Standard operating procedures

Our standard operating procedures (SOP) have been developed to help staff understand how certain procedures work, detail their purpose, and provide information.

Plans to spend the 50% savings from the non-elective marginal rate

Nationally commissioner and providers have to jointly agree and publish plans for spending the 50% balance (for non-elective activity above the agreed baseline).  These plans should be targeted towards investment to reduce the level of non-elective admissions.  In Sunderland CCG, the planned non-elective activity is below the agreed baseline and therefore there is no requirement to produce and publish such a plan.

The CCG is working closely with providers and, if the position changes, will agree and publish our plans.  It should be noted the CCG is investing significant additional resources from its baseline funding into a variety of additional new schemes that are designed to reduce non-elective activity.