North East Commission for Health and Social Care Integration – report to be presented to leaders of local authorities and NHS organisations

Mon 10th October 2016


Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England, who is chair of the North East Commission for Health and Social Care Integration, will present the Commission’s report on Tuesday 11 October 2016.

He will present the report titled ‘Health and Wealth – Closing the Gap in the North East’ to the North East Combined Authority’s (NECA’s) Leadership Board on Tuesday 11 October at 2pm at Gateshead Civic Centre. The meeting will be held in public. The agenda for the meeting and a covering paper are available on

Immediately afterwards, he will present the report to leaders from NHS organisations at a meeting, also at Gateshead Civic Centre.

Following these meetings individual local authorities and NHS organisations will be  considering the detail of the report and agreeing their response to the recommendations.

Once the meetings have taken place, the report will be available on the NECA website.

You will receive a copy of the press release that is to be issued immediately following the meeting and also a briefing which will outline headlines and the recommendations from the report to share within your organisation as appropriate.

The Commission was established as part of the proposed devolution deal agreed between NECA and central government in September 2015. This recognised that despite having strong health and care services across the region and life expectancy increasing faster than other parts of the country, there are still too many residents suffering from poor health and wellbeing, with many unable to work and trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Although in September 2016 NECA leaders decided not to take forward a mayoral devolution model at that time, the work of the Commission remains relevant in driving forward improvements in the health and wellbeing and economic prosperity of the region. Recommendations could be implemented through existing structures alongside further discussions on devolution.

For further information please contact Rosemary Granger

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