Do you have something to say about emergency and urgent care in the North East?

Thu 30th June 2016


In the North East this year, there is a big project taking place to help us better understand urgent and emergency care services – the way they provided, how patients use them and people’s views on how to improve things.

This work is all part of an innovative NHS ‘Vanguard’, made up of urgent and emergency care service providers across the North East.  The North East Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguard, as it is called, includes NHS organisations in the North East who are working together to improve services for urgent and emergency care. In doing so, we aim to achieve more than each organisation could do alone.

Patients, the public and staff are being asked for their views on urgent and emergency care in the North East to help understand how and why people are using NHS services. In particular, we want to know people’s experiences and views – for example what kinds of things do people consider as an “emergency” that then results in a trip to A&E? how do people use 999/111 services? Where do GPs and Pharmacists fit into urgent and emergency care? as well as suggestions for how we do things better, to help people make the right choice at the right place and the right time.

Some of you may have already contributed to this, in fact; over 130 staff and nearly 250 patients and the public have already taken part across the North East!  There has been lots of interest, with people wanting to share their views on this important subject.

We want to thank everyone who has already taken part for all the support and feedback they have given.  However the more information we are able to gather the better.

Whether you’ve already given your views or not, you can still take part in the public survey which is now live at  We want as many people as possible to be part of this.  The survey is open to anyone who lives or works in the North East until the end of July.  It takes about 15 minutes to complete and there will be a prize draw – so take part now and be in with a chance of winning a prize!

Everyone’s views are important and the more we have the more we know, to inform the future work of the Vanguard.  Understanding this better will help us to make improvements and allow everyone to benefit from the right care at the right time in the right place.

Do you have something to say? 

We would like to hear what you think. Can you take 15 minutes to complete the survey and be in with a chance of winning an Apple watch?


Click here to download a copy of the urgent care consultation document


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