Two Covid-19 assessment centres set up in Sunderland – but patients must NOT attend without a referral

Fri 03rd April 2020


Sunderland residents are mistakenly turning up to new Covid-19 patient assessment centres thinking that they are coronavirus community testing sites.

Two new local Covid-19 Patient Assessment Centres have been set up within Sunderland for the sole purpose of examining potential coronavirus patients face-to-face and only if the patient has been referred there by a GP. The assessment centres will not see ‘walk-ins’ and they are not coronavirus community testing sites.

This new service has been set up for those patients who do not require acute hospital care but need treatment and monitoring for their symptoms and any other related health conditions that may need to be managed.

The new assessment units will ensure that patients who have been referred by a GP or NHS 111 are seen to in a safe and controlled environment to prevent further transmission of the virus.

These assessment units are not coronavirus testing sites and patients are seen through referrals from a GP or NHS 111 only. If anyone feels that they are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus, they should check their symptoms using NHS 111 online symptom checker

For people who are not online, they should phone NHS 111 and they should not go to a GP, pharmacy or hospital.

The urgent treatment centre at Pallion remains open to walk-in patients for minor illnesses and injury only. Do not attend if you think you have coronavirus symptoms.

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